Improving Your Home with Timber Decking

A timber deck can do wonders to your home. It’s a stunning addition to outdoor living spaces and all homes can benefit from its beauty and added functionality. The aesthetics of decks and decking takes the look of your home to a newer level and a good deck building design can create multiple options for open space entertaining and relaxing outdoor living spaces.
In addition, Timber decking prices when weighed against the amount of value it adds to your home is worth the investment. Many homeowners are enticed by the prospect of an attractive outdoor space to spend long afternoons in, and a timber deck adds an attractive and practical setting to do so.

DIY or a Professional deck builder?
In order to build a solid and long lasting decking, many factors have to be considered. With a wide range of products in the timber decking Melbourne market, we realise it can be tempting to steer towards the less expensive DIY options. It’s strongly advised though, to go with a professional handyman to ensure the best end results you can get that is durable, solid and high in quality.
At Simplicity by Design, we can offer you the best advice and best deals for your decking needs. There are many factors to consider before adding a timber deck to your home and we will be happy to guide you in making the right choices.

Of course, the aesthetics such as colour and finish of your decking are some of the obvious things to consider, but how you choose to use your deck and its location are important determinants too. They will all lead to the type of timber, finish, and deck building design that is most suitable for you and your home.

The natural colour of the chosen timber can also be significant factor. After all, the visual appeal contributes a great deal how it ties in with the whole house. One that is similar to your interior flooring will help create a seamless flow, extending your living space. With the right choice, decks and decking do a great job at bringing the inside out and outside in.

Timber Decking Hardwood or Soft?
It is important to select the right timber for the area you wish to have it installed in your home. If it is an area that often has high traffic or may have heavy structures placed on them, you’ll need a timber with extra durability and strength to the job. If you live in an area that is prone to bushfires, then consider one with natural fire resistant properties.

Decking companies in Melbourne can offer you many different decking ideas. Many of which choose to take advantage of the strong geometric lines or timber decks to create outstanding effects and designs. The use of geometric lines can help break larger spaces into smaller outdoor spaces, or give the illusion of space to smaller outdoor spaces.

For design assistance, spectacular ideas or any queries you may have, Matthew at Simplicity by Design will be happy to provide you with professional advice or quotes, why not call him now for some great no obligation advice or a quote on your decking project 0419 216 158.

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