Home or Office Renovations & Repairs

Painting is a quick an easy way to spakle up any room; with the choice of paint colours and specialist styles you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. Repainting traffic area’s like kitchens bathrooms and hallways, really adds benefit as you and your guests spend so much time in these rooms.

One of the smartest ways to protect the investment you have in your home is to maintain the paintwork on external timber. Window frames, barge boards and doors can be expensive to replace. A maintenance assesment and touch up every few years can save you hundreds of dollars down the track.

Creating the appearance of more space particularly in the main living rooms can easily be done in most cases by opening up doorways or removing wall partitions; this works really well where you open a dark or narrow hallway by reducing the height of the wall to three quarter or half height.

Carpentry window repairs fencing gates doors

Sagging floor boards or bouncy decks maybe a good indicator that you need to replace sub floor bearers or joists,  in some cases it may be as simple as renailing or adding a few wedges.

As the saying goes though “a stitch in time save nine” so call Matt  now and we’ll take a look.

This is particularly so for outside timber window frames and doors a little cut and fill or repair Now, could save you the cost of complete replacement later.
Sticking gates and leaning fences never fix themselves we replace posts or rehang gates or doors and straight away you’ll appreciate the value of these simple repairs.

Office Partitions, Built-in Furniture, Decor Updates

Whether your shifting office or staying put looking to create more space Simplicity by Design can help. Removing and remodelling existing partitions, constructing new ones painting plastering and including acoustic attenuation we can help call Matt now.

Our specialty “Make Good” service is just what you need when relocating your office or retail space. We can come in as you vacate and make all neccesary repairs to ensure you comply with your lease terms and conditions.

Made to measure cupboards, shelves, stock storage, AV cabinets, Meeting or Boardroom fit outs all done in the style, colour and finish you choose.