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Hi my name is Matthew Phillips the owner of Simplicity by Design.

Ten years ago a friend asked for some help repairing a bay window frame in an old Edwardian in Brunswick.

Eighteen months later we had restumped and refloored, demolished and rebuilt the complete back half of the house. Hard plastered every room in the house and replaced a few ceilings cornices and ornate roses.

Along the way I found a new career and have completed dozens of complex and tricky restorations.

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We specialise in all the small jobs that the most tradesmen can’t be bothered with or charge through the roof for. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service:


  • Personal and friendly service which means we are on time.
  • Guaranteeing what we do, or we’ll fix it again at no cost.
  • Making sure your satisfied by communicating openly throughout the project and following up completely.

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  • "Matt was prompt to reply to my request for service (stump removal), arrived on promised time, did the job promptly. Left the work site neat and tidy (looked better than before!) and sms'd to advise it was done. Too easy. Thanks."

  • " Excellent, intelligent, prompt and efficient service. I am using them for some future projects "

    David from Fitzroy North, VIC
  • " Relaxed tradesman, fair price, was very precise about what job entailed, kept me informed at all stages. "

    Lincoln from Daylesford, VIC
  • "EXCELLENT to deal with, professional and a top notch job. Matthew is a dream to deal with and will be using his services again"

    Mark from Sassafras, VIC
  • "Matt was very helpful and did a fantastic job for a very very reasonable price! The works were done super fast and very efficiently. The building works were done immaculately and I will definately use him again for any office works! Great experience - much easier than I had thought!"

    Mishka from Burnley North, VIC