Smoke Detectors

With daylight saving; comes the annual reminder to change over smoke detector batteries, But there is so much more than that to do, so here are a few help tips to ensure your safety.

    • Clean out the smoke detector with compressed air a quick spray around the interior will remove most dust and cobwebs and dead insects. You can buy a can of air from most computer shops Dick Smith’s etc for a few dollars. A small brush on your vacumn cleaner can also be effective.
    • How old are your smoke detectors? Manufacturers generally recommend replacement after ten years. Perhaps more often if you have one installed near a kitchen, bathroom, laundry or open fireplace.
    • TEST TEST TEST ~ It only takes a few seconds so once a month push the test button
    • False Alarms? Don’t disconnect, opening the oven door, burning toast and a myriad of other things may set your alarm off. Most modern detectors also have a reset button if not a quick blow of some fresh air from a hair dryer or a fan will be enough to clear the detector.
    • Never paint smoke alarms. Paint, stickers, or other decorations could keep the alarms from working.
    • Don’t install smoke alarms near windows, doors, or ducts where drafts might interfere with their operation.

Smoke alarms can mean the difference between life and death in a fire. Working smoke alarms cut the chance of dying in a fire in half. Smoke alarms detect and alert people to fire in its early stages, giving them the time needed to escape safety.

Simplicity by Design can help if you need installation or maintenance Call Matt we can advise on suitable alarm types and the best loaction.

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